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On a recent plane flight, I sat across the aisle from a Hollywood actress. I only know this because the woman next to me told me so. (I googled the actress later to verify that she really was a star!)

My seat partner, clearly a huge fan of the actress, watched her from the corner of her eye throughout our brief flight. When we landed, she asked to take a photo with the actress. Her face fell as the actress declined saying she only poses for photos when she’s working. (She did give the fan a quick hug, though.) The fan quickly recovered, and a few minutes later she was all smiles as she shared her story in line for the airport shuttle.

While I had never heard of the actress, I still could share this young fan’s sense of anticipation and disappointment. Don’t we all have people we admire from a far and dream of meeting?

I found myself thinking of a column that Sharon Schuhmann recently wrote about our Women of the Church conference. In the column, “Meeting Your Heroes,” Sharon describes her “Catholic heroes.” She tells of rewarding conversations that have arisen when she has had the opportunity to meet some of those people she had admired from afar. And she writes with joy as she anticipates meeting some of her heroes at our conference in Ferdinand, Indiana, October 7-9, 2016.

I smiled as I remembered Sharon’s column while watching the small drama on the airplane unfold. I began to wonder what new heroes and new friends may come my way among the registrants and speakers. What a delight to know that we will be able to talk with one another, share this moment of our journey together, and yes, even take photos together.

Our conference weekend is fast approaching! We are ready to welcome you! Come join us at the Women of the Church conference!