“Honoring the diverse work of Catholic women as leaders in the Church”

2024 Regional Forum, May 31 – June 2, 2024

“Eucharistic Living”

2024 Regional Forum

An Evening with Ann Garrido

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An Evening with Ann Garrido


  • While organizing my Women of the Church files this spring, I realized that we celebrated a very important milestone in May—the 10th anniversary of our very first planning meeting for Women of the Church! Sr. Jeana Visel, OSB, Agnes Kovacs, Sr. Traci Stutz, OSB, and I met on May 9, 2014, for that initial meeting. […]MORE
  • Just before the pandemic, I attended the 2019 Women of the Church national conference at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana with a friend. Though hopeful, we weren’t sure what to expect. Both of our experiences with Catholic women’s programming had been hit or miss in the past. I’m happy to report that the conference knocked […]MORE
  • A Reflection on Living with Hope

    Hope was my word of the year for 2022. I chose it after hearing a homily from my hometown priest where he said, “Until you truly hope for something, God will remain impersonal to you.” It struck me that I never really hoped for anything with my whole heart, and that I truly did not […]MORE