Hope was my word of the year for 2022. I chose it after hearing a homily from my hometown priest where he said, “Until you truly hope for something, God will remain impersonal to you.”

It struck me that I never really hoped for anything with my whole heart, and that I truly did not understand what hope was and how it can change our life.

To live with hope strengthens us during the difficult seasons of life. Hope does not magically remove pain, anxiety or grief, but it gives us the confidence to know that someone accompanies us. The Lord sees us, walks with us, stays with us. We are not alone.

To live with hope turns times of boredom into solitude with the Lord. Hope inspires our longing for Jesus and feeds our desire for Him.

Finally, hope sanctifies waiting. There is nothing passive about hope. It is not a state of inaction or wishful thinking. Hope, rooted in faith, is actively anticipating the Lord and trusting in His promises for us.

Hope in the Lord is never wasted. As a new Advent season begins, we pray for an increase in the virtue of hope as we place our trust in the Lord. 

An Advent Prayer: Hope

Son of God, Emmanuel, you are our hope.  As we enter Advent, help us to listen to your voice amidst the noise of our lives.  May our preparations to celebrate your birth strengthen us in faith as we wait for your coming in glory at the end of times.  AMEN.

Agnes Kovacs, A Prayer Book for Catholic Women

Cassie Schutzer is the Director of the Young Adult Initiative at Saint Meinrad Archabbey. She has a background in communications, as well as college, young adult, and parish ministry. She is passionate about accompanying young people in their faith and making our Catholic parishes a place where they feel a sense of belonging.