Just before the pandemic, I attended the 2019 Women of the Church national conference at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana with a friend. Though hopeful, we weren’t sure what to expect. Both of our experiences with Catholic women’s programming had been hit or miss in the past. I’m happy to report that the conference knocked our spiritual socks off. 

The conference was the most hopeful, realistic, respectful, progress-seeking, tradition-honoring Catholic women’s conference we had ever attended. The hospitality was out of this world and the inspiration was endless.

Friday at the exhibit hall L-R: Beth Knobbe, Vanessa White, Heidi Schlumpf

On the drive home, we reflected on what had made the conference so impactful. The magic of this conference, we decided, was in its fully participatory nature. The speakers and hosts were fully engaged in all aspects of the event. They attended sessions when not presenting and built relationships with attendees through dialogue and fellowship. We wrapped up our reflection, remarking on how amazing it would be to bring this conference experience to our Minnesota Catholic community. 

Visiting after Cecilia’s keynote

The Spirit was listening. Soon, I found myself on the planning committee for the 2023 Women of the Church national conference, which will take place July 19-21 at Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary in Collegeville, MN.

For the last two years, my fellow co-planners and I have worked to bring you the same kind of knock-your-spiritual-socks-off conference experience we had. This is your invitation! Come hear Gloria Purvis, host of The Gloria Purvis Podcast; Dr. Carolyn Woo, former CEO of Catholic Relief Services; Casey Stanton, co-director of Discerning Deacons; Dr. Kristin Colberg, renowned theologian; and Sarah Hart, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter. Join us in envisioning a future where women’s voices are amplified, their roles elevated, and their presence cherished within the Church.

Invite your friends, sisters, daughters, nieces, goddaughters, granddaughters. All are welcome – men too. Register today at https://womenofthechurch.org/item/2023-national-conference/


Angela Dimler