Women of the Church Purpose Statement 

Women of the Church provides a forum for women and men that 

  • makes manifest the diverse work of Catholic women in the Church, in the past and present 
  • offers tools and resources for ongoing formation 
  • encourages women of all ages who are exploring opportunities for ministry and leadership 

Our Guiding Principles 

  • Women of the Church focuses on the leadership that Catholics exercise by virtue of their baptism.  In all we do, we affirm the dignity and value of the many ways that women, and all the laity, respond to the call to missionary discipleship and co-responsibility for the good of the Church.   
  • Women of the Church is guided by a preferential option for emerging leaders, from young adults to women discovering new directions later in life.   
  • Women of the Church offers spaces for constructive and creative dialogue, seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Women of the Church offers hospitality that nurtures relationships and a culture of respect in all our activities.    
  • Women of the Church works in a spirit of celebration.  Strengthened by signs of God’s love throughout history, we look to the future with hopeful expectation.